Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Must... Have... New... Game... For... Wii!!!

So I'm spending my lunch-hour today chowing down on some japanese-style casserole with green bell peppers and chickenliver (yum... and I mean that) while researching what games to buy next for my Nintendo Wii.

Currently I'm leaning towards "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance". The reviews I've read so far have been pretty positive and I'm a huge Marvel-fan which pretty much seals the deal right there haha.

I've also been giving "Rampage: Total Destruction" some serious thought but the reviews have been really bad for the most part so I think I'll pass on it. Also I'm pretty sure I find it compelling mainly for nostalgic reasons, and I'm not sure nostalgia is quite worth the price of a brand new video game. Not right now at least. Maybe when my cashflow is a little better.

I have however decided to spend some cash on a bunch of games for Virtual Console. I'll probably get "Gunstar Heroes", "Super Mario 64" and "R-Type", maybe "Super Castlevania IV" as well, all great classic and trustworthy games.

I need to stock up on stuff to do you see, because in 10 days I'm moving and after the move I will not have any internet or digital-TV for 3-5 weeks until my supplier finds the time to reconnect my sorry ass :-/

So february will be a huge month for video gaming since I will not have much else to do. I'll still be updating this blog during my lunch-hour at work though, so stay tuned!

Oh, and please feel free to leave comments with tips about games for the Nintendo Wii!

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