Friday, January 19, 2007

Fighting the flab with Wii

Although it is hardly an original idea, inspired by this article on Engadget I've decided to do my very own Wii flab fighting experiment.

So starting tomorrow I'll be incorporating my Nintendo Wii and especially "Wii Sports" into my long procrastinated plans for weight loss. I'm gonna try to fit in 30-60 minutes of Wii-play every day. That's not all I'm gonna do though.

I will also start watching what I eat more and possibly as soon as my next paycheck comes in at the end of this month I'm gonna try to convert to a healthy diet largely comprised of dishes from the japanese cuisine. Lots of sushi, miso-soup and so on, just like in the fabled homeland of the glorious Nintendo Company.

Every day, or at least almost every day, I'll check my weight loss and write about it and my activities here in this blog.

At the end of February we'll see if the Wii-play and japanese diet has earned me any results to speak of.

1 comment:

Dennis said...

Good luck, my friend! Now, if only I had a console too… :)