Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fighting the flab: Day five (feel the buuuurn!!!)

The unusual amount of movement during the past few days is definitely taking its toll on my body.

Last night I was so sore in my right shoulder that I had problems getting to sleep. I actually had to get up and rub the muscles until they were blue before the pain subsides significantly enough for me to be able to sleep. I've still been really sore all day at work.

But nobody likes a quitter so...

Wii Sports 01:15

Total Play Time 01:15

My longest workout yet! Boo-yah! And get this, it was all Boxing too!

The odd thing is though, that I'm not by far as tired today as I was after my workout just two days ago. So apparently, my fitness level is improving already! Weighing in on saturday is gonna be really interesting indeed.

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