Saturday, January 27, 2007

A fine day for Nintendo fanboys

"Mario Kart 64" was released for the Virtual Console today! I'm ecstatic I tell you. I looove Mario Kart in all of its incarnations so I was really quick to download this one to my Nintendo Wii.

As if that wasn't enough good news Nintendo launched the much anticipated (by me at least!) News Channel today, and it's actually pretty neat. It looks good and its functionality is actually better than I expected. So thank you for another neat Wii-toy Nintendo.

Speaking of toys, I've read some rumours that my webbrowser of choice, Mozilla Firefox, may be coming to the Nintendo Wii. If there is any truth at all to that rumour I'll be beside myself with joy. My fave browser on my Wii, how awesome is that?!

And for my workout today I opted for nothing but Boxing once again.

Here's todays Wii-activities:

Wii Shop Channel 00:10
News Channel 00:15
Mario Kart 64 00:26
Wii Sports 00:46

Total Play Time 01:37

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