Friday, January 19, 2007

First post ever

Welcome to the Wii Warrior blog and my very first post.

This blog will be about me and my video gaming. That's gaming in general, don't let the title fool you, I will not only be writing about the amazing Nintendo Wii but also about other neat consoles that I enjoy, such as the Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Sega Mega Drive and anything else that sparks my fancy.

I can't promise it will be the least interesting to anyone but myself, and quite frankly I don't give a damn if it is or not. I just wanna write about video games, OK?

1 comment:

Starr said...

i read the article about the USB On/Off Switch you made on your old blog[], and i really want to make one myself, but since i dont really know how, i want to ask you:
could you send me some pictures and explain to me how it should be done and how it works?
please let me know