Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fighting the flab: Week one results

Today's weigh-in was a bit disappointing.

I didn't expect to have lost much, just a tiny bit maybe. But no, I haven't lost an ounce! It does however take the body some time to get used to moving again and the metabolism takes some time to get going. Maybe I'll see some results next week, if not at least I'm still having fun right? ;-) And as I've already reported, my stamina is getting a lot better at least.

Also, since I got my paycheck just yesterday I haven't really started on the japanese diet yet either (although I had a little bit of japanese food this week), and I will be expecting some results from that if from nothing else.

It struck me today how damn lame it is to report every single day of Wii-playing. Not even I am that interested in how much I play ;-) So from here on I might just do weekly summaries if anything at all. But you can all be sure that I will be playing my Wii no matter what, and at least 30 minutes of "Wii Sports" every day. No cheating, I promise!

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