Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nintendo, bodyslamming the competition

There really seems to be no stopping Nintendo these days. They are murdering the competition on both the handheld-market and as far as ordinary consoles go.

Microsoft is still in the race since the Xbox 360 is selling very well and let's not forget that it is a pretty sweet machine with a shitload of awesome games. But what is up with Sony? Are they even trying to compete or have they completely shot themselves in the foot, head and ass already? Sure looks like it to me. I mean, damn, even the GameBoy Advance, is outselling the PS3 in the US. Granted, there is quite a difference in price and probably very different target audiences but it's still pretty embarrassing for Sony to have their spanking new, state-of-the-art, seventh generation console be outsold by a six years old device.

It'll be really interesting to see what happens after this upcoming Friday when the PS3 is finally, however in crippled form, released in Europe. People over here have waited four months longer than in the US and Japan. Now let's see how many lost interest and bought a 360 or a Wii months ago.

In the short time that the Wii has been out it's sold an incredible 1.62 million copies in Europe and it is still almost impossible get your hands on one. There's no way the PS3 is beating that, that I am sure of. Even in the markets where the PS3 is available it is being hammered by the Wii being outsold two to one. Yay Nintendo!

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