Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Backwards compatibility

This article puzzled me a bit. OK, so well over a year after the release of the Xbox 360 the console's developers are "reducing the focus on backwards compatibility"?

I'm sorry, but isn't the whole point with backwards compatibility that it should already be implemented at the time of launch? Isn't the idea that people that bought the previous model should be able to play their old games on the new console once they've bought one, and not fifteen months later? That's at least what I thought backwards compatibility was all about, and this is also one of the main reasons I will not be buying a 360 anytime soon.

For a good example of what backwards compatibility really should be maybe the 360 team should take a look at what the Wii does with GameCube-games - it actually PLAYS them ALL! Imagine that, and it's done so since launch. Oh yeah, and so did the Nintendo DS with all Gameboy Advance-games.

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