Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chris Hecker is a piece of $#&%!

And by that I mean "a piece of shit".

If you didn't quite get that, read this and you'll soon find out who Chris Hecker is and what lovely things he had to say about Nintendo's latest console at GDC 2007.

Mr. Hecker's outburst is some of the most juvenile bullshit I've read in quite a while. He actually claims that because the Wii uses hardware inferior to that of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 Nintendo doesn't "give a shit about games as an art from". Please... Get off your high horse and shut the fuck up. How old are you? Twelve?

Since when does "more" automatically mean "better"? Is a painting or other piece of art automatically superior simply because it uses more expensive paints for example? Isn't the artistic parts something that lies within the craftsmanship itself? The game's story? How much fun people have while playing it? I'm sorry Chris, but you're a complete retard.

Nintendo has managed to produce games in the past that myself and millions of others still enjoy over twenty years later. I think they know just a little bit more about "games as an art form" than you do, you pompous little shit.

I sincerely hope Mr. Hecker, who in case you missed it works for Maxis, the studio developing "Spore" for the Wii and plenty of other games for said console, gets fired for his moronic outburst at GDC 2007. The video gaming industry simply doesn't need all these stupid fucks that are more interested in dick-measuring contests than in fun games.

Hecker has apologized for his rant but personally I think that his second rate lame ass apology doesn't quite cut it. It's too little too late and I don't think he's being sincere at all. More likely he's performing some damage control because he's been ordered to do so by his bosses.

I'm really sad to see the industry producing and nurturing people with this elitist attitude towards what is considered a good video game. It's supposed to be about having fun. Get it Chris? F-U-N, FUN!

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