Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Praise the demo-downloads!

One feature that I've found very nice on the PS3 is that I can download playable demos of games from the PlayStation Store. When games cost as much as they do these days it's really a great thing to be able to take them for a little test drive before forking over my hard-earned cash for the real deal.

Yesterday I downloaded the demo for "Conan", and oh boy am I ever glad I did. You see, if I'd paid actual money for this piece of crap I'd be livid!

First of all: the graphics. Hello? Isn't this supposed to be an HD-capable console? I've got PS2 games several years old that look way better - "God of war" and "Killzone" to name a few.

Secondly and probably most importantly: the gameplay. You have basically no friggin' moves and the game seems to respond very slowly so combat is both frustrating and a bore. The minute elements of puzzle-solving that was featured in the demo was also laughable.

Thirdly, the demo is way too short for an action-adventure game. I mean really, I played through it completely in minutes and afterwards I wasn't one bit interested in seeing more since the demo left me thinking that this was what the game was like, only longer.

So thanks Sony for helping me steer clear of this turd of a game.

Demos I have been enjoying though and that made me wanting to play the game for real are "The Club" and "Uncharted: Drake's fortune". Now those left me salivating slightly and definitely wanting more!

The free download of "Lemmings" (full game!) also put a big smile on my face. What an awesome game in all of it's simplicity and how missed it ever since I played it ages ago on the original GameBoy.

I've also download "Kane & Lynch" and "Stranglehold", but I haven't gotten around to trying them out yet.

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