Sunday, January 6, 2008


The following is taken from the latest newsletter from J!NX and makes me even happier that I went for a PS3 and not an Xbox360:

As a public service, we'd like to provide this brief rant: Nine people in the J!NX Office ponied up a hefty wad of female deer for an Xbox360. Of those nine, six of us now have a broken Xbox360. For the math-impaired, that makes 66.666% (repeating, of course) bitter J!NX gamers. So sad... We have consoles from 20 years ago that still work perfectly, apart from a few cartridges that need a blow now and then... (heh, blow...)

The Xbox360 has the largest amount of awesome games of any of the next-gen consoles, but this whole thing with them breaking is just embarrassing. There's no other console in history that has as bad of a track record from breaking as the 360.

And now when I think about it, I've never even heard of a PS3 breaking without someone doing something pretty stupid to it.

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