Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look everybody, I'm Vista certified!

One of our cats thought it was a good idea to eat through the cable connecting my keyboard to my PC the other day. So consequently I had to buy a new keyboard.

Lucky for me I found the exact same Logitech keyboard at an online retailer and although it was 100 SEK (that's about $15 I think) more than I paid for my original one I went ahead and ordered it because I really loved the feel of that keyboard.

When the keyboard arrived the other day I noticed that it said "Vista certified" on the front of box. "Vista certified"? Isn't every keyboard "Vista certified"? And in what way could this keyboard that on the picture I saw online appeared identical to my old one differ from said demised keyboard (which I bought before Windows Vista was even out) thus making it "Vista capable"?

Here's a picture of both of them (old one at the bottom):

Spot the difference? No? Take a closer look. They changed the look of the "Windows-button" giving it a slightly close resemblance to the Vista-logo. That's basically it! Awesome huh? That certainly warrants an attention-grabbing note on the front of the box doesn't it? And yes, that was sarcasm. This is so silly.

Here's a close-up of both keyboards (old one at the top):

Now that's just some friggin' brilliant stuff that is! LOL

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