Monday, March 31, 2008

Awesome Kevin. Welcome to the 21st century.

I was watching the latest episode of "Diggnation" and Kevin Rose was talking about the latest iPhone rumours. Apparently there's gonna be a 3G iPhone pretty soon and it will have two cameras, one of them facing the person holding the phone, so that you can do video-chat.

While Alex Albrecht goes "I'm not so hot for the video-chat because I don't even do that on my computer" while Kevin, stoked out of his mind, goes like "but how cool would it be to have a friend call you up and do video-chat on your phone?". Haha, priceless.

Dude, people here in Europe have been doing that for half a decade now. My dad, who's almost 60, does it. It's not bleeding edge anymore and it hasn't been for years. Welcome to the 21st century. I hope you'll like it here ;-)

It just makes me laugh, how a big nation like the US can be so far behind in some areas. 3G is not something new, it's just that the US hasn't implemented it with any real success yet. The fact that Apple adds 3G to the next generation of the iPhone doesn't make it new and exciting. It just means they're catching up to what Nokia and SonyEricsson have been doing successfully for years.

Personally I'm pretty stoked about a 3G iPhone though, and I'm hoping it turns out real good.

I think the current iPhone is pretty much a waste of hardware since it lacks many of the features my Nokia N80IE has (3G, MMS, video-chat and Bluetooth that isn't crippled for example) and many of these things I actually rely upon every day. But if they had those features on the iPhone I'd get one for sure.

Also, being the owner of an iPod Touch I know that the touch screen user interface is more than a gimmick. It's actually pretty usable and neat once you get the hang of it, and the big screen is awesome for watching video podcasts, movies and TV-shows. It's a really awesome gadget and well worth the $299 it set me back.

So if I could have all of the coolness of the iPod Touch plus the useful features of my 3G-phone naturally I'd go for that. But that basically means ALL of the useful features of my Nokia N80IE, not just a couple. Otherwise I'll wait until Apple gets it right. If they ever do that is ;-)

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