Monday, October 22, 2007

And the Idiot-Of-The-Month award goes to...

Akira Yamaoka, the sound designer for "Silent Hill V"! In a recent interview on Wired this Konami employee is quited as saying in response to if there will be a version of said game for the Nintendo Wii:

No plans. The Wii user isn't a hardcore user.

What the fuck?! I'm so friggin' tired of all this "hardcore gamer" bullshit. I love the Nintendo Wii, I can play it for hours and hours until my hands bleed, and I play all kinds of games too.

Sure, I play "Wii Sports" like a maniac at times, and I indulge myself in a lot of retro gaming courtesy of the Virtual Console. And of course I love that silly plumber and just about every game he's been featured in, especially the "Mario Kart" series. But I also play games like "Resident Evil 4", which is as hardcore as they come with it's gallons of blood splatter and delicious horrors galore, and I've been looking forward to the gruesome and very adult "Manhunt 2" for the Wii since practically forever.

But apparently I'm not "hardcore" since I'm playing the Wii and not an easily overcooked red-ring-of-death flashing Xbox 360 or an overpriced brick with less than five good games like the PlayStation 3. Give me a break...

I've got a big "fuck you" right here for Mr. Yamaoka and anybody else that insists on this "Wii is not for hardcore gamers" crap. In fact, I'll take on anybody claiming this in the steel cage and we'll see who's hardcore or not. And Akira, that means you too. Bring it on bitch.

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