Monday, April 2, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite will be released with a slight limp

OK, so the Xbox 360 Elite is on it's way and all the fanboys are so psyched. But over at Gizmodo there's a story that reveal some unflattering details about the much longed for HDMI-addition that the Elite sports.

Apparently the cheapskates at Microsoft have chosen to not supply the Xbox 360 Elite with HDMI 1.3 but with HDMI 1.2 instead. This is particularly odd, as someone commented on Gizmodo, since TrueHD and DD+ (which are the advantages 1.3 holds over 1.2) are optional on BluRay but mandatory on HD-DVD (the chosen HD-format of the Xbox 360). The choice of 1.2 over 1.3 thus makes absolutely no sense.

Are they doing this to save a buck? Because if so, that's just retarded. I mean, how big can the difference be in manufacturing costs? A dollar maybe? Even if the Elite sells two million copies in the first quarter after it's release that's still not even close to a dent in Microsofts economy. For fuck's sake, two million dollars is not more than lunch money for Steve Ballmer.

If you're gonna upgrade the Xbox 360 then please do it right, go all the way and don't be cheap about it. It's bad enough that the HD-DVD drive wasn't included in the new package. Cheap fuckers.

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