Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A little exercise is better than none you moron

This article really blew my mind. It almost frightens me how goddamn stupid some people are.

OK, so kids play video games. I get that some people might not think that it is the most productive way for them to spend time but hey, kids like playing video games. So shouldn't parents be happy that at least the Wii gets them off their asses and moving about at least a little bit? (You don't have to play like a madman with arms and legs flailing after all, although I find myself that it sometimes helps quite a bit *LOL* Just make sure you're at safe distance from anything that can get harmed if you hit it... (see previous post))

Things could after all be worse. Practically no other console offers and demands the amount of movement during normal game play that the Nintendo Wii does.

So parents should rejoice while the Wii makes their otherwise lazy kids sweat a little. Or at least shut the fuck up, OK?

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