Friday, July 4, 2008

The importance of good acting

I was watching "Equilibrium" with Christian Bale last night when something struck me. Imagine if a REAL actor like Christian Bale, who is by far one of the greatest actors in modern time, had played Neo in the "Matrix"-movies instead of Keanu "I have no facial expressions except the one that looks like a zoned out pothead and the one that looks like I'm taking a difficult dump, and I can't act worth shit" Reeves?

The first film was an amazing movie despite Keanu's abysmal performance and the two sequels have grown on me with time, but if Christian Bale had been given the opportunity to portray Neo, damn, the trilogy may have been one of the most epic ones ever, right up there with "The Godfather", "Trilogy of the dead" and "Lord of the rings". Now it's just a runner up with some really cool science fiction ideas and an interesting philosophical spin.

Oh well, at least they didn't give it to Will Smith as originally planned. That's always something to be thankful for.

And this reminds me that I gotta get "The Prestige" on blu-ray real soon. Wolverine AND Batman in the same movie, how can it be anything but awesome? Trust me, it IS awesome :-)

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